All titles listed here are forthcoming as of June 2020. Please note that cover images and buying information will be posted as soon as it is available.


From JMS Books:

Byrd’s Eye View (July 2020)

Rhea Florakis is a Magical Crimes Detective and soon finds out that her old nemesis Tonya Byrd has been released from prison. She springs into action, while Tonya only has three things on her mind: food, sex, and a yet to be named “good stuff” that will keep her satisfied all night long. Will the stray kiss they get in a heated chase be all they can ever have together?

The Fourth World (August 2020)

Jenna Kitchener is a scientist harvesting minerals from the planet Jonquil. She’s also a trans woman and she fears that her past will continue to haunt her. While drinking sorrows away in a bar, she meets Davis Camden, a stunning man with a sharp smile. When an alien party begins and Davis invites her to join the festivities, Jenna wonders if her luck is about to change.

Self-Care in Space (September 2020)

Martha Carpenter has worked hard her entire life and with little credit. When her ex wins a grant, however, she starts to resent her job making weather conditions for Jupiter’s vacation moons. To cope, she engages in self-care, and soon meets trans man and disgraced lawyer Roland Ruiz who could benefit from her many lessons, along with some vacation romance, too.

October Moons (October 2020)

On a nature walk, Di Lamont discovers a naked trans woman bathing in a creek. When the woman runs away without a word, Di is left with questions and unfulfilled desires. For Gen Holloway, getting caught doing a pagan ritual under the full moon is the last straw. While she plans her exit from the small town, Di dives deeper into the occult in hopes of finding Gen before the last moon of October.

The Thanksgiving Invitation (November 2020)

On Thanksgiving weekend, Trixie Fairchild invites her three grown children to Niagara Falls. For what, she won’t say–but along the way, Ivy, Hazel, and Rowan find their own love interest and work out whatever demons that have been haunting them for most of their lives. Each Fairchild family member gets a happily ever after, but only if they also show up for their mother’s big day.